The Road

[Artemis V.O.] 2

Arizona: Day 1

Well, that could have gone worse.

I’m glad that it didn’t, I guess. But I’m also glad that it didn’t go better. I did fuck up. I had the chance to ground the Paradox out in my body, and I didn’t take it. So I have to pay the consequences, even if Marduk wishes I didn’t have to.

Oh, Marduk. You seem like such a nice guy. I’m sorry I hurt you. I wish I knew what that monster said to you. I wish I knew why you could be betrayed like that and just trust me so quickly. But I know you don’t want to talk about it, and if you want to pretend that we just met, I can try to do that. Maybe it will actually make things less awkward. That would be nice, because I hate awkwardness!

But I can worry about that later. There are Seers of the Throne I have to catch. It was nice of Marduk to offer to help me. Also, it was cute how weirded out he was by Fate. Thanks for the tip about the “strange lights,” Coyote Steve on Radio KJZZ! Tucson, here we come.

Arizona: Day 2

Marduk and I got a hotel room in Tucson. (Nothing happened. Yet.) I spent a couple hours aligning my fate with the investigation before we left. I asked around some diners and places, showing that picture we got. Someone said the guy looked familiar, and maybe he saw him near a factory? Sounds like some kind of drug deal? It sounds suspicious anyway, and I have a feeling that luck is on my side…!

I caught Marduk checking me out a couple of times today. He is so cute. Maybe tonight… no, I’m pretty tired. Maybe tomorrow…!

Arizona: Day 3

Ugh, today started pretty shitty. Our lead was a total red herring. Just some lab for crystal meth out in the desert. I called the police, who knows if they will even go there.

Marduk and I were in a shitty mood, so we went to sleep early. I don’t know why I didn’t expect Metron to show up in the middle of the night again, but he did. I had to stop them from fighting right in the hotel room! It was actually kind of sweet how Marduk tried to protect me.

But I had been planning for Metron to show up again. Buddy seemed to think the Moirai were pretty cruel and unpredictable by spirit standards, so I decided to take Metron’s offer. It might be dangerous, and it will probably be pretty thankless, but you never know. I had to explain my mission to him, and how I wanted to try to take the Seers alive. He talks a lot, wow.

Arizona: Day 4

Today was a good day! First, we found the gas station where the Seer’s picture was taken, so we have a search radius. But also, Marduk was a little less awkward today. He even told some jokes, it was nice. He is sooo cute, especially when he’s laughing. At one point I think I zoned out watching him talk. Mmm.

I had to suggest we go back to the hotel room early. He looked like he’d been hoping I’d ask. And… wow. I guess I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. Maybe I should have, I know he still has feelings for me. Maybe I took advantage of that and I shouldn’t have?

I should stop second-guessing. The point is, the sex was amazing. I decided not to remind him that Metron is around, watching, now. I wanted all of his attention on me. Mmm.

Arizona: Day 5

I’m so stupid! I can’t believe I didn’t think of just calling the radio station on the first day! I was probably too busy sneaking peeks at Marduk’s jeans to think clearly. But I sure got that out of my system, and suddenly I’m a genius!

Like I figured, the guy who saw the “lights” was kind of crazy, and paranoid, and he smelled a little weird, but he remembered where he saw them. I just know this is it. Just a few miles to search along the Tucson Mountains. I even got some free peyote out of the meeting, since he was too paranoid to sell any to me. I think Marduk was a little weirded out.

Actually, I know Marduk doesn’t want to see me go off alone now. He told me to call if I needed help, even though the Phoenix Consilium said I shouldn’t. I said I’d call. I mean… it’s… it’s probably a lie, and I feel bad, but if things go really badly I probably won’t have the chance to call. I have to do this on my own. Well, with Metron. But I’m pretty sure the Council doesn’t care if I do the shaman thing.

I’ll see you when I get back, Marduk. If I get back.

Arizona: Day 6

A quiet day, mostly. I found some tire tracks, probably from a truck. And I’m pretty sure I found a lookout post. There were some cigarette butts. Maybe they’ll be useful? Who knows. The point is, I’m close.

I did chat with Metron a bit. I guess while Marduk and I were having sex Metron got this idea about getting me pregnant, since that can be a big event. I’m not planning to have a kid right now, Metron! Or even nine months from now. This is just not the time.

Maybe once all this war and stuff is over, though. I wonder what a kid would look like if it had me and Marduk as parents? Or me and Alastor? Who am I kidding, that conversation would be too weird for him and Rhiannon. Maybe Nagi knows a good witch boy…?

Arizona: Day 7

I won. I found their camp, I snuck up, Metron distracted them and I knocked them all out. All three Seers, taken to face justice alive. This is a really good feeling.

It was a less good feeling, watching their sentencing. I wanted to be present for the trials, but… soul destruction just seems wrong. I guess the Phoenix Consilium is just really harsh. They’re being nice to me now, I guess, and I’m glad, but it’s hard not to imagine those Seers left to fend for themselves without souls.

I’ll ask Marduk if there’s any good place to go celebrate our victory tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go out into the desert for a while. Maybe I need to be away from civilization for a little more time.



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