The Road

[V. O. Alastor] 6

Would you look at that. First Cohort, now a cabal. Next stop, deacon. Ha ha.

Can’t argue much, working with two hot chicks. I only trust one of em, but nothing new there. Any watchdog they threw at me was gonna be like bringing a fuckin FBI agent to a gig, so I’ll just appreciate the view and take each day as it comes with her. Goes by Rhiannon. Blonde, sexy, seems like she comes from money. Might sound weird coming from me, but having an Obrimos around might not be such a bad thing, especially against that dickwad Plutus. And get this: she knows how to use a gun but doesn’t want to pull the trigger. Maybe if I watch her I can figure something out about the line between the nightmare and the dream. And stop her from toppling off the edge if it comes to that. Fallen angels, biggest fuckin tragedy of history, right? She don’t belong in the gutter.

Then there’s Artemis, remember her? I got there first after all, she’s in for hunting Vates. Figured she would be, she was pretty ticked off. Still is, from the look of her thoughts. If she’s a Seer spy, I’m Doris fuckin Day. Feels kinda good to know that, you know? We still gotta hammer some stuff out, protocols, sigil, name – if I’m gonna do this I might as well do it right, cause I’m sure Vates did, one way or another.

Guess where he’s from. That’s right, LA. And the Guardians’ files think he used to be a hitman for a Mexican cartel. God I hate dealers. No fuckin class. Then he was a hitman for the Seers. Now I guess he’s infiltrating Pentacle cities looking for whoever he followed across the damn country. I don’t like how much we have in common, and I don’t like all these arrows pointing to LA. M’s gotta know something about all this, but obviously asking him is suicide. And frankly it’s better this way. Means that if I can connect these dots, I get to decide whether he needs to be exposed or whether I want to keep his secrets. Can’t fuckin wait to talk to Luciano. Gotta get out to Hoboken soon.

Turns out the Seers picked Mercury up as a convert from the Arrow up in Boston. Either he was a plant the whole time, or when his mentor was whacked – maybe their doing, maybe not – it put him in a place where they could turn him. Either way it means he’s Arrow-trained, which sucks for us. I’m gonna shove those shades right up his scrawny ass, I swear to God.

Ugh, this tux wasn’t cheap, dammit. Blood all over it, gonna have to ditch it the usual way. Unfortunately this time the blood’s mine. That bald Obrimos fuck, Remmy Odoya, shot me around cover, in the dark, through perception shielding. What is it with Seers and shaving their heads, huh? Maybe they got some kind of code or something. Anyway, taking the girls to a fancy gala was some swanky shit, but next time I’m going with “nightclub.” Whole damn thing was a train wreck, though to tell you the truth, after a week of doc’s orders for recuperation it felt good to see some action. Plus we got Pierpont and the Cipher out of it, thanks to MacKenzie and good old Nidhogg. Guy’s kind of a mook, but he’s okay in my book. Here’s hoping Pierpont wasn’t in the know about M. That’s a shitstorm waiting to happen if it’s true, and it’s probably coming one way or the other but I need more time.

Shot another Sleeper today. Wasn’t even thinking about it. That’s how we always did things, guys with guns come after you and yours, you make sure you shoot first. They were after Artemis and they had hostages, had to act fast. In the moment you don’t have time to think, hey, ratfaced Seer lackey or not this guy could wake up someday, maybe just knock him out and round him up. Or at least, I don’t. And I guess that’s the point. Not my first instinct.

Should it be?



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