The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 11

I’ll say this about Caesar. He makes a damn good devil.

I wonder if M got hooked up with him to begin with cause he was taken in by all the flash and bang. I mean, I’d think he could see through that pretty easy, but then again, here we are in DC. M trusts people in a weird way, even though he’s one of the most paranoid bastards I know. Too easy to just take everything he wants from you, if he thinks you’re worth it. He wants you to want to give it to him. I respect that about him.

I guess it’s a little fucked up that I feel kinda loyal to him, he’s such a prick. I mean, he’s sitting there up in New York screwing me over as we speak. I’d bet five bucks Caesar knows what happened with Amadeo and figured this would be about the same. Difference is, Luciano didn’t offer me the fuckin world over it, I knew more or less where I stood with him. Caesar’s trying so hard to buy me it’s like he wants the shiny shit to cover up something. Damn, though, the shit’s pretty shiny.

Everything he wants is something I’ve wanted ever since I woke up. Hell, maybe he can make it happen. Maybe all we need to start building a new ladder to the stars for real is one guy who can smile and have the whole world follow him. After that…thing, in the woods with Artemis, it’s hard not to feel, I dunno. Small. Caesar doesn’t feel like that, he’s bigger than life. Not to mention, it sure would be nice to have some damn support for once.

Question is…how worth it would it be to build Hieraconis on top of lies and assassinations? Because let’s not forget, if they kill M, they’re gonna have to get rid of people loyal to him too. Baines, for one, unless he’s more two-faced than I ever gave him credit for. Looks a little like a path to more Exarchs. I ain’t exactly the most law-abiding of citizens, but the people at the top taking a dump all over the Lex Magica as a means to rebuild Atlantis seems kind of backwards to me. When the system’s working right, you want the cops to be cops, not paid-off flunkies. If you can’t even rely on them to get in the way of crime, then all you got is chaos. I hate crooked cops.

Point is, M wants power but he doesn’t want to turn the whole thing upside down to get it. I think I get now why he didn’t want me going to war against the family. Then again, you don’t shake things up once in a while, you never change anything and people keep sleeping. There’s gotta be somewhere in between, you know? M’s so focused on this Hierarch thing he can’t see past his own dick, but Caesar’s tossing out the baby with the fuckin bathwater. Shit, I wish I knew who else was in their cabal. Somebody up there at the top’s gotta have their head on straight, right? Yeah, right. Damn, maybe I should be deacon someday. Ha ha, sure. Stick to Ladder Bogeyman, Adrian, it’s what you’re good at.



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