The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 12

You know, it used to be there were days when I felt like most of the human race was like a bunch of cockroaches. Crawling around making good off other people’s shit and no matter how many of em you kill, there never seems to be any less.

Nowadays I look at people and it’s more like I’m seeing crabs in a fuckin barrel with the lid on. They climb all over each other to get to the top, but there’s nothing to see up there. Til somebody punches a hole in the lid and they see the light, and you think maybe they’d get the picture, but instead they just keep doing what they always do to get a glimpse of it. They could be knocking the whole damn lid off but they can’t seem to get the concept through their thick crustacean skulls.

I guess what I’m getting at is, putting a mage at the top of the heap didn’t change jack shit about the Sleepers. They’re still sheep, still stuck in their little routines living in fear, it’s just now they know what they’re afraid of. Would this time be any different if M had won New York instead of this jackass? Hell if I know. All I know is, that word ‘destiny’ people keep throwing at me’s starting to sound like a fuckin siren song. Would’ve liked to prove I didn’t need Vates’ advice, but just like that acamoth, this is bigger than him. I gotta know what he said to me in that underground shithole of his. It could mean the difference between saving New York and watching it pitch face-first into the Abyss along with everything else.

Plutus snapped Jimenez’ neck like he was swatting a fuckin fly. I’m counting on Vates being enough of a dickwad not to shield his own pylon pals next time we see each other, because getting inside that thug’s head is gonna be my best bet to keep from being on the receiving end of the encore.

…wait. Wait a minute. Speaking of Jimenez. He said a name, Dahaka. I’ve heard it before. Old Mastigos myth, Dahhak, the power-mad dragon king who became Pandemonium’s Syzygy. Dahaka’s what they call him in some languages. And come to think of it, Medraut’s the name of Arcadia’s aeon of fate. It’s gotta be a cabal of pretentious fucks who named themselves after legends, right? I don’t know if I even wanna know what the alternative would mean.

I’m gonna have to tell the girls what happened in DC. And hope to hell they can keep their mouths shut after we get back until I figure out where to go from here.

That is, assuming it ain’t “down a pit of bloodthirsty spiders”. Jesus.



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