The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 15

You ever get that feeling, like you’re looking at a vase, and then suddenly you realize – no, you dumb fuck, it’s two faces? Now take that and multiply it by about a thousand, and you get what I feel like right now. Good thing I pulled off not giving my daimon the satisfaction of getting all googly-eyed over it. That amazing bastard would’ve never let me forget it.

Gotta hand it to the Princeps, that bullshit was clever. Clever ain’t gonna save him, but I can appreciate a good work of art as much as the next guy. Kind of scary how much being back in control makes me feel like I could take on the damn world. Fortunately, all I gotta take on is one man. Too bad my daimon keeps killing all the other things that’re supposed to be hanging around in my psyche, otherwise I could’ve had a goddamn army here. Ha ha.

Then again, all this is sort of really fuckin weird if you think about it. If this is his Oneiros, is it mine too? Does time even mean anything in the Astral, does it care that there’s two of me? Is my daimon the only one strong enough, or individual enough, to be around? Not exactly the kind of shit M covered in Astral Journeys 101, let me tell you.

My daimon was worried my body would be dead when we got out. Worries me, too, but more than that I can’t stop thinking about how soulless mages go out of their minds. No idea how much time’s been passing out there. If I’m not dead…jesus. I really need to get the fuck out of here, pronto. And hope the girls don’t find me before I do.



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