The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 19

Y’know, if I start thinking about this shit too hard, I start wondering if me going to Mnemosyne to do business was part of how he became Princeps in the first place, like I’m just walking in my own fuckin footsteps all over again. But then I think, Adrian, you don’t know jack shit about Time yet, why don’t you just quit counting chicks before they hatch and die bloody deaths at the hands of destiny, and wait til you know what the hell you’re talking about.

So instead I’m over here quietly having a fuckin shameful heart attack over M’s message. For all his traditionalism and doing everything just the right way down to wiping his ass, he’s harder to predict than I expected. If it were me, I’d probably lie and say I knew something when I didn’t, scare the guy into talking. But if I try to call him on it, it’ll be obvious I got shit to hide. Not that he don’t know that already, but confirming it doesn’t do wonders for any cover story I might need later. Or my health, ha ha. And if he does actually know something I end up just looking like a jackass. I got Hermes to fall back on, but something tells me this is gonna be a fuckin mess no matter what. Jesus christ, this feels like getting called in by the don all over again. What are you, a spineless thug? Get it together, damn. What part of justifications are a bastion of the weak didn’t you get? What do you think your daimon’d say about all this, huh? …starting to get the feeling I could just ask him. Not that he’d tell me anything straight up, but what’s Awakening without cryptic bullshit to unravel?

Speaking of cryptic bullshit, why do I get the funny feeling Artemis is gonna stick her nose where it don’t belong worse than usual with this Rhi thing. Which is ridiculous since she’s the one ready to spread her legs at the drop of a fuckin hat. So why’s Rhi suddenly gotta have a better reason than having to look darkness in the face day after day and wanting something to take her mind off it? …still, maybe I ought to think about laying off next time. Girl’s gotta grow a backbone sometime, right? Goddammit, I just hate that look she gets whenever something fucked up happens, it’s not right. Makes me want to go tear apart whatever asshole’s responsible and make her forget the whole thing. …well, I could, but that’s no better, that’s what screwed everything over in that other timeline. She finally trusts you, dumbass. Don’t fuck it up, huh?

Oh yeah, it turns out that whole hostage thing was just a setup to whack us. Some prophecy Odoya gave his religious Sleeper nutjobs, must’ve dicked around with Time, saw an opportunity in a possibility and made it happen. Clever douchebag, I’ll give him that. Mnemosyne’d better be a good teacher, I gotta pick this up fast so it doesn’t happen again. At least the rookie proved she’s got some chops. And a mean streak. Here’s hoping that’s all it is and I won’t have to stop her doing something the whole cabal’ll regret. Don’t think she’s got her head screwed on too tight when it comes to control, not a great combination with fear and pointy fuckin objects. Still, she had enough of her shit together to keep us from blowing sky high, pretty sharp in a pinch. That’s something.

One thing we learned in all this is, Odoya’s desperate. Risking paradox, reporters and us taking prisoners just to get us out of the way. He wants the Cipher so bad he’s willing to expose his boys to do it. Tough to say we didn’t make the right choice, now. But it means Pierpont’s in a whole pile of shit if anybody finds out where that key is. Don’t think she’s got the mental defenses to keep em out, either, if they find her first. You sure as hell better think of something, Doorwarden.

Went to see Mnemosyne today. Pretty sure she knows who I am, Giovanni-wise, she likes to play the game but she ain’t too subtle about it. Which means taking her to Rome is just the icing on the cake, but since she knows I know, she probably thinks she’s got something to hold over me if she needs it. To be honest with you though, she doesn’t scare me too much. Not with that, anyway. Next to psychos like Vates and M who already know my name, almost seems like it barely matters. Anybody who decides to abuse it’s welcome to a good old-fashioned heap of pain. Now I think about it, though, it’d be nice if I could return the favor sometime. Know there’s a way to learn people’s names if I work at it. People don’t trust Mastigos for a reason, need to make it work for me. Meantime, the Bogeyman’ll be making people think they’re boned, which is the next best thing. Kinda funny how she keeps warning me about the Consilium, like I don’t already know. She’s either sincere about angling to recruit me, or she’s looking to sow some discord. Either way she can go to hell, but that doesn’t make her wrong about the Council. Guess we’ll see how our little sit-down goes.



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