The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 21

Mnemosyne. Really starting to piss me off. It’s one thing to go in pleasant with a knife behind your back, you gotta be prepared. It’s something else to make a deal in good faith with somebody you just five seconds ago called your friend and then fuck em over with a goddamn smile. I expected better from her, but she’s flashed her true colors a few times now. Liyongo, Hermes, me. She’ll do it to Pierpont too if she ain’t careful. Maybe to her own cabal, who fuckin knows. Even if she’s never talked to Caesar in her life, she’s dangerous all by herself. Buying Diamond affections with pandering so she can dick with people and going back on her agreements, she’s got no goddamn integrity and she’s taking a walk all over us. Never heard anybody spout cutesy bullshit more flagrantly in my life. ‘Admire the Silver Ladder’ my ass. Damn, if somebody went back on a deal with us like that while I was with the family she’d be dead by now, no questions asked. And I probably would’ve been the one to pull the trigger…ha.

We’ll see what happens when we hit Rome. For one thing, pretty sure I’m close to being able to open portals and hell if I intend to get on a plane ever again as long as I live. What does a Mastigos need with airplanes, come on. They’ll show up anyway, but it’s like M said. I’m the only mage the vampires’ll see, me and whoever I bring. Tough fuckin cookies, Mnemosyne.

So I tossed a clusterfuck pile of future history insanity into Flare’s head tonight. She took it okay. Dunno if she’s really absorbed it yet, though, it can take time to sort through a big mental dump like that when you’re not used to it. Probably should talk to her about it, her emotions were all over the fuckin map and we need her focused. Focused as she gets, anyway. I’d ask Artemis to do it but there’s a couple specific questions I got for her and it’s better they’re asked in private. Like why she’s still around, first of all, knowing what she knows about the Princeps. There’s a coupla reasons it could be and I need to know which one it is if I’m gonna figure her out.

…oh, yeah. Got kind of a surprise from Rhi the other night. Turns out Artemis was right about her having more of a reason than I thought. (Gave her the ‘I told you so,’ cuz why the fuck not, she deserved it.) Never thought it’d be that tough to figure out what to say to a girl, jesus christ. Weird to hear her call me Adrian, but it felt like it meant something, like she was trying to tell me she was serious. Might’ve been stupid to get into this with her but…I didn’t want to see her stop smiling, I guess. Not looking forward to the day I fuck it up and prove to her I’m exactly as much a part of the darkness as I’ve always been. Maybe I should take a look at all this in my Oneiros. Who knows, if I wake up a second time like my daimon wants, maybe that day won’t come.

Four days til the tournament. Going after Odoya’s people tomorrow, then up to Boston. Gonna need a plan to avoid getting shanked by a shitload of Seers…if they’re even up there at all. I’ll scry the site of the bombing before we get there, should be plenty of news footage to get an idea of the place, that shit was huge. Then…we’ll see what there is to see.

I don’t even know if I hope Vates was lying or not.



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