The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 24

Atlantic City

…this is what happens when you dick around for too long. You weak, pathetic piece of shit.

Why do you even care? He was dangerous, he was hypocritical, he was megalomaniacal and probably a lying douchebag terrorist who used Sleeper souls to keep himself alive on top of it. He would’ve killed you in a heartbeat if he knew half of what you know. He barely acknowledged other people even existed. He wasn’t that much better than the vampires.

So why the fuck. Do you care.

Reality check, Adrian, what are you, blind? Caesar did you a goddamn favor. You can tell Mercury and his oath to shove it. You can decide what to do with the Cipher on your own terms. You have one less obstacle to making the Ladder something New York can look up to and be proud of. Cuz let’s face it, everybody hated him. Everybody.

Everybody but you, I guess. The hell’s wrong with you?

I keep taking out my phone and putting it back again, like I don’t want to talk to Hermes, like I’m…betraying his memory or some asinine bullshit. He wasn’t even your mentor anymore, you moron. He fuckin disowned you, what are you even doing? Just go do your job for Aleo, put a bullet through some asshole’s head, get whatever this is out of your system, huh?

Get the hell out of here and do something. Anything. Anything but this.



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