The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 28

So let me get this straight. Of all the thearchs in the city, I’m the most legit? Damn, Ladder. That’s just fuckin sad.

…not gonna lie, though, it’s kinda nice to get asked to do something I wouldn’t have to keep from Rhi, if you know what I’m saying. Weird to think I’m the guy they called to do something by the book, ain’t it? Well, it’s like my Uncle Tony once said. You give me a job, I don’t fuck around. So if what the Pentacle needs is a Ladder diplomat to play ambassador to everybody who doesn’t have their head up the Scrivener’s ass, I’ll do it, and do it right.

Whaddya think, Pandemonium? Clawing my way up, huh?

Just remember what M said, Adrian. Keep your fuckin composure or you’re a dead man.

Easier said than done, though, sometimes. Face to face with that bitch Castle it was pretty fuckin difficult not to give her a taste of what they put Pierpont through. Blame it on the manifestation if you want, but those bastards deserve just as bad if not worse. At least being out of its damn mind is just in an Abyssal entity’s nature. Those Seer assholes choose to dick the world over, not to mention their own people. Yeah, I’m sure Castle had a nice story to tell about the Hegemony’s version of what happened with Pierpont but frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass what she has to say. Pierpont did right by us, I can’t say the same about any of these other pricks. Feel like justice needed to be done and instead we all just walked the fuck away. As Doorwarden though, think I made the right call. We don’t need another ministry on our backs, not now.

Medraut, that smug douchebag. If this is fate’s idea of a joke, I’m sure as hell not laughing. A choice between Asphodel and taking this fight to our enemies? The city or the world? Why the ever loving fuck would destiny ask that of me? What, did New York piss it off in another life or something? I can’t fuckin do this, you gotta be kidding me. Hermes gave me a place, he gave me a purpose, what am I supposed to do? Just say fuck it, I gotta go follow some vague-ass advice that may or may not accomplish jack shit? Is it “sentimental” to want to save millions of Sleepers who could wake up one day? This is the greatest fuckin city in the world, god dammit, if anywhere can become Hieraconis someday it’s here. Screw that, if it really comes down to it I’ll put a bullet in Caesar’s head and call it a fuckin day. I don’t need to survive. I just need to take that son of a bitch down with me.

…y’know, Rhi was talking about not being able to do the hard thing, but I can’t decide if it’s better or worse that I know I could. Big difference between can’t and won’t. So if I refuse to doom the city and the world takes its plunge into fuckin Apocalypse Junction, what’s that say about me? Come on, there’s gotta be a third option here. One we just can’t see yet. Boy, I’d sure be shocked if the aeon of goddamn Fate was fuckin with us. Like I said to Rhi, need to figure out how to use Time to get a handle on this shit. …guess I haven’t given myself the augury treatment yet, huh? Dunno, kinda felt like it’d be cheating, like I was supposed to figure out my destiny on my own. In retrospect that’s pretty fuckin brainless, Adrian, come on. This is your power, your personal connection to the Supernal. You forged a path into Arcadia with your own weird metaphysical hands. Use it, for chrissakes. Won’t give me all the answers, but at least I’ll know how bad I already fucked this up.

Damn, we’re really racking up the body count, ain’t we. M. Reis. Mnemosyne. Fuckin Nidhogg, jesus christ. …even Ma. What kind of fuckin world is this where assholes like me and Grimnir are still breathing while the injustice just piles up, higher than I got time to even think about redressing? Well, that’s about to change. Tomorrow, I find those sick, twisted, cocksucking bastard Hunters and I let the family give them what they’ve been asking for since the day they even thought about setting foot in my town.

I want blood. And they got an awful lot of it.



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