The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 35

So fuckin sick and tired of learning just how blind we are. If there’s one thing a Mastigos isn’t supposed to be it’s blind, jesus christ. Sick of finding out all the brand new ways everybody and their goddamn grandmother’s got of breaking the rules and pulling one over on us. First some impossible bullshit to get through my wards without my knowing and now this? It wasn’t even Vates on the phone to begin with, we got a casino full of poor dead zombified assholes and some freak who can shut magic off for no fuckin reason I can see. What is this thing?

And now this pathetic jackass is useless. Oh boo hoo, your gang of round table goonies missed the train. What, cuz I decided not to plunge a couple million people into hell? Save it, douchebag.

Satisfying as it’d be, though, think I’ll refrain from putting a bullet through his ugly face. For one thing, somebody wanted me to pull the trigger on him tonight, and I wanna know who. Gotta be somebody who knows enough about the both of us to set up the perfect storm – his drunk, despairing ass and my being pissed off enough to shoot on sight. And since fate practically lit up a damn neon sign to bring us to this godforsaken town, and insists I’m supposed to kill the bastard, something tells me there’s nothing natural about this sequence of events.

So either Vates got some Acanthus’ panties in a twist, or Weyland caught on to the Seers’ little Knight problem and decided to snuff it out in the most Machiavellian way possible. Puts a weird spin on some shit, though. Like leading us on to think Panopticon, or Vates, was gung ho about letting Legion do its thing. Probably a load of crap, considering.

Wonder if Plutus was playing Vates this whole time? Consciously or not. Obviously if he was Legion before he still is now, that shit wasn’t going anywhere without Dahhak’s interference, and Plutus sure knew enough to pull this off. Subconsciously he’d do whatever he could to spread Legion even if he didn’t realize he was doing it.

…wait a second. Vates just giving up and drowning his sorrows, seems like it’d take more than a setback or five to do that to a guy like him. I know him. Fucked up as it is to say, he’s a lot like me. He wouldn’t just lay down and die like that. Unless his Obrimos buddy figured out how to go Bel on him, and took his god damned soul. (Too on the nose? Ha.) Nothing stopping him from impersonating Vates all day long at that point.

Shit. I need Artemis over here right the fuck now. Yeah, maybe I’m just paranoid. But since when has there been nothing to be paranoid about?



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