The Road

[V.O. Alastor] 9

You know, for somebody who’s mastered three arcana and leads the Ladder, M’s pretty fuckin petty. Oh boo hoo, Alastor stole my toy, I better cry about it. He’s really no different from any other boss when you get down to it. Lives off his reputation, intimidates through power, whacks anybody who gets in his way. Funny to think I might not’ve joined him in the beginning if he was any different. So while he’s off sulking about the Cipher, I’ll learn from other people. Pierpont, Caesar. I still got friends in this town, asshole. And sure, maybe this is just another test. Maybe he’s really getting into seeing what I do without help.

But my money’s on “petty dick,” this time.

His problem is he thinks he’s invincible. Hey, so did Amadeo, and look what happened to him. I’ve seen deals go south in a hurry when somebody thinks he can’t be touched and he’s just wrong. Does he really think the Consilium and the Free Council would sit around with their thumbs up their asses if they found out he had a thing like that? Power or not, one guy against most of the Pentacle’s not gonna fly. Everybody’s got a weak spot, even the most powerful capo di capi. …I wonder if the Exarchs were like him, before they ascended? Now there’s a freaky thought.

Enough about him, jesus. The girls were up for Rome, though I gotta tell you, that really could’ve gone better. Eh, guess it could’ve gone worse too. Ha ha, Rhiannon thinks that was a guilt trip? Wait til she sees me do it on purpose next time. Thinking back though, pretty sure she was ticked off because it was working and her pride was hurt. Don’t like being friends with the devil, huh? Sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s Obrimos.

Then again, sometimes she blows shit up with celestial fire.

That Moros demesne was some fucked up stuff. I’ve felt that before, but never for that long. Usually you’re staring down the barrel of somebody’s gun, then you make a move, then it’s over. Not like this. This was a deep down certainty that any minute death could just claim you, and what the fuck are you gonna do about it. Then there was that Abyssal thing, and I can’t even tell you what it looked like or nothin. All I know is it had a mean right hook from thirty feet away and it’s got Denigan’s soul. It’s not just in his head, all this book mumbo jumbo. I tried, it was like looking into a huge dark pit that was watching me. Like what happens with paradox but everywhere.

For a second there I thought maybe I should just leave Denigan behind. If this thing’s content to let us waltz out of here and all we gotta do is give him this crazy friend-murdering prick, what the hell, right? But that wouldn’t have been right. Easier, but not right. The Arrow deserves to deal with him however they want, he’s their man. And if they can get the Abyss out of his soul somehow, that’s best for everybody. And at least the shithead was useful. Turns out Rhiannon’s pal Jimenez might be a traitor, a Seer or an idiot. Maybe all of the above. Think we’re gonna have to have a chat with him, show up unannounced this time.

Makes me want to rip somebody in half, thinking about how easy the Seers have gotten their hooks into us. Like blood in the water. I want it so bad I can taste it. But I can’t let it distract me. It’ll happen, but when the time is right. When we can do it on our turf, our terms. I can do this.

Oh, and by the way. Getting notes from yourself that you don’t remember writing? Fuckin weird.



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