The Road

A letter to Daniela

(In Spanish.)

I’m so sorry that I shot you. You startled me, and you seemed so angry. Please forgive me.

Are you really my sister, Daniela? Is the Daniela I’ve met lately an impostor, or are there two of you somehow? I knew something was wrong, but not what or how.

When I said I was a witch, it was the truth. I had a terrifying and wonderful awakening, and I left Spain because I wanted to keep everyone safe because it was easier than trying to explain. And because I wanted to escape that house.

My magic breaks and is ruined when normal people see it, but whatever has happened to you, I think neither of us are normal any more. So I’m using magic to help this letter reach you and to explain that I’m sorry I shot you, I’m sorry I left you behind, and I wish I could find you. I think I was supposed to see you. I think Fate is telling me I shouldn’t have run away from my sister.

I don’t know how long we’re going to be in here. We’re hostages of the asshole mages who took us here, and they might take us away soon. They’re very dangerous, and if I fight them too much a lot of people may die, or worse.

Please come find me when you get this. Whatever has happened to you, I want to help. If we’re still in this prison, I will be awake, listening for you. If we are taken away, I will try to come back and find you. If we are both released, you can call me at [cell number].


P.S. Please destroy this note. It would be bad for the people who locked us up to learn our real names.



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