The Road

Thamaturgic Notes 2

I feel like I am beginning to understand how weird things must be for masters of Time. I have a lot of free time right now, but not enough for Alastor to heal naturally. And we can not afford to waste mana. So I am going to try something weird.

My idea is to make him age faster. Just for a little while, so “healing naturally” just happens quicker. I need to be careful, though. I do not want to mess this up! If he has wrinkles after one use I will feel very guilty. He will probably just shrug and say it is the price paid for convenience.

But I do not plan to make a mistake.

I am beginning with the spell for bodily control. It is useful, but not very focused. I must push forward his whole cellular progress rate. He will probably be very hungry. Maybe the Wolf will be willing to help? I think he has calmed down a little. He was even playing a little with Alastor.

The Wolf is so much smarter than I realized. Also he is a little bossy. I wonder if he got that from me!

Maybe I should investigate the Time Arcanum at some point? Maybe I could get more use out of this spell with some ability to control actual time. Maybe I could even remove the drawbacks of this spell!

What should I call it? “Fast Metabolism” is boring. Maybe there’s a mythical figure who aged very quickly? Where is Google when I need it?



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