The Road

Thaumaturgic Notes 1

OK, the spell records have not said anything. I think maybe I was the first to do this! I am reminded of a saying in Norway: “The naked woman learns to spin yarn.” I think I am using it right.

It is strange that nobody has considered this before. It seems so obvious. But maybe nobody else has had to pick out hay from a haystack in a gunfight.

Here is what I did:

Normal testing for correspondence involves examining a thing and seeing what its correspondence is with another thing. Like choosing a “string” and pulling it to test its strength.

I inverted this. Instead of choosing a string, I chose an endpoint and ran my awareness across the strings leading from everything I could see to that endpoint. Like playing a harp! The string with the strongest “tone” stood out.

I am not sure what to call this. Maybe the harp comparison would be good. Correspondence Harp! I kind of like it.



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