Formerly disgraced Mystagogue, now NYC Mysterium Curator


Agamemnon has been a member of the New York City Pentacle since his awakening in the late 1980s, and while his career is currently looking quite illustrious with his August 2012 ascension to the Consilium Council, it was not always so.

Agamemnon was a long-time hanger on of the Scrivener, seen as being incapable of independent thought during their time together in the New York Athenaeum. He followed his friend and leader into the Consilium Sentinels, and served there up until The Scrivener was forcibly stripped of all title.

Disgusted with the whole case, he resigned in protest and refocused his attentions on the Atheneaum, remaining there for some months even after his friend’s banishment from the library.

Ultimately, he was caught in the middle of an attempt to raid a Mysterium Censorium. An accounting of inventories showed that several items had, in fact, gone missing, suggesting that this was not his first robbery. He refused, however, to divulge any information as to their whereabouts, and was exiled from New York by the Council for his crimes.

He was pardoned by the Scrivener almost immediately following his ascension, and invited back to the city not just as councilor, but following the take over of the New York Athenaeum, as the new Curator of the New York Mysterium.

Following the Scrivener’s political defeat during the November 6 election, he lost his council seat, but has thus far retained his Order position.

Evidence suggests that Agamemnon is in the debt of local Scelesti forces, but has thus far maintained his position as the Consilium monitors his activities.


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