An unaligned mage who deals in all sorts of unsavory goods


Aleo is a Greek transplant to New York who’s been operating in the city since the 1990s as a weapons and information dealer. Working through the front of “Aleo’s Restaurant” – an aggressively mediocre Greek restaurant that mostly serves gyros with microwaved lamb meat – he sells to sleeper and supernatural alike; and, most likely, to Seer and Pentacle alike.

Aleo’s kept safe in the city by the very wealth of knowledge he’s accumulated in his business – most people know that making a move against him would result in having their deepest secrets suddenly out in the public eye.

Betrayed Trikephalos to the Seers of the Throne, after they began looking for the Charlatan to find the truth behind the Boston attack – a search that would have eventually lead them to Aleo’s own involvement as the broker who set up the deal.



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