Former curator of the NYC Mysterium Athenaeum.


Ariadne is a scholar’s scholar, and seemingly young for her position within the NYC Mysterium. Her age is not actually known, but she is thought to be in at least her mid-40s; the spells of a powerful life arcana user can make appearances deceptive.

Despite this, she is generally well-thought of, and was seen as a moderate and a peacemaker on the Consilium Council, of which she was a member from 2002 to 2012.

Following the Scrivener’s takeover of the New York Consilium, her council seat was lost to her, and her position as curator was also left in a shaky position, as she is a longtime personal enemy of the new hierarch.

Her position was ultimately taken from her by then-councilor Agamemnon, along with the New York Athenaeum. Mistakenly presumed Erlang Shen to have betrayed her— in truth, it was her cabalmate Minos who was responsible. She is currently in hiding following a failed attempt on Shen’s life.


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