Member of the New York Guardians


What exactly it is that Bel did for the Guardians previou to her ascension was not well known to those who do not absolutely need to know, but she was often seen as a fixture at Guardian meetings and official events. The common wisdom, as such, is that she handled logistics for the Guardians in these affairs.

Perhaps this is one of the things that made her well-suited to take up the post as Councilor on the Scrivener’s new Consilium, though it seems likely that other deals were made behind the scenes to secure the position.

Personally, she can be cold and somewhat passive aggressive.

She was deposed from the council following the November 6 election of Kaa to the Hierarch, and neither she nor many of her followers took the decision well.

Was killed by Grimnir during his escape from NYC’s Consilium Headquarters, following her imprisonment as a confirmed carrier of Legion.



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