Christian Baptiste


Once a leader of the New York City vampire community, Christian met the Final Death with many of his brethren when the Giovanni Clan swarmed the city in the 1970s.

However, unlike his brethren, he was a practitioner of blood magics, and was able to retain some semblance of himself as a disembodied spirit trapped in the dank Undercourt where he met his end.

He was freed by Flare in late 2012 after she, Rhiannon, and Artemis found themselves imprisoned by the Seers of the Throne in the Undercourt, and seemed initially helpful.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane Halloween night, he took advantage of the magic blackout to possess Flare and send her deep into Asphodel, where she was claimed by the Seers for some dark purpose.

His current whereabouts, and how much of his involvement was bargained for by the Seers, are unknown.

Christian Baptiste

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