Libertine and member of the Oracle


A New York City native and, in what is probably his most curious quality, a second-generation mage, Delphinus grew up unaware of his father, who was – and remains to this day – a member of the Guardians of the Veil. When he Awakened, coincidentally, in his late teens, his father sought him out, but the story goes that his push to bring him into the fold now that he was “worthy” backfired, and Delphinus ran into the arms of the Free Council.

He remains now a staunch voice against the Atlantean Diamond’s policies, and fell in quickly with Mnemosyne in terms of wanting a Change. Probably one of the more political voices in general in the Free Council, though he is known to be quiet.

Reported dead by Rubrum following targeting by the Scrivener, though the sentinel denies any involvement.


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