Former Boston Consilium Sentinel, Now murderer enslaved to The Invisible Codex


Denigan was an Adamantine Arrow mage with a fulfilling career and generally positive life in Boston— he was a respected Sentinel of the Consilium, married to one of its five Councilors, and well-liked by his Hierarch.

Then Vates came to town, Denigan was given bad information by Austin as to his status as a Pentacle mage, and six months later, almost everyone Denigan had ever cared about was dead, save a few friends who escaped the slaughter with him.

Two weeks later, he’d murdered both of the friends after picking up the Invisible Codex, a powerful Abyssal force.

The party rescued him from certain death below New York City, and he now is being held as a prisoner by the Adamantine Arrow, still wanting desperately to get back to the Codex.


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