Long-dead Archmaster, once Minister of Paternoster


Enoch, like most of the Seers of the Throne, is shrouded by a veil of secrecy and the long passage of time. His birthplace, his rise to power, and even most of his activities while alive are unknown.

What is known is that he was, by the early 1880s, considered an Archmaster and had been named Minister of Paternoster, where he interacted not only with his own people, but with a quiet group of archmasters whose numbers also included mages from the Pentacle.

According to the tomb that was set up for him in Woodlawn Cemetery, he passed away in 1912. The architects selected for the project to build it were the same who designed the New York Athenaeum, though it is unclear whether it was they, or another who set up the elaborate ritual site below the tomb. There is a large chamber set with thousands of High Speech runes that, according to some, was once intended to house an immortal form of Enoch’s soul – all the better that he might remain Minister for an eternity.

However, the ritual, and thus the spell, are non-functional: Enoch’s soulstone, which was core to the whole thing, has long since been removed.


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