Erlang Shen

Third-Degree Adept of the Mysterium.


Erlang Shen is a mage with origins dating back nearly thirty years to another of the great consiliums in Shanghai, China. His reputation as a scholar is nearly pre-eminent in those circles, and he rose to great prominence in the Shanghai Mysterium, serving for several years as one of its Censors.

All of that changed in 2006, when – as Shen describes it – a powerful mystical vision drove him from Shanghai to New York to seek out his own destiny there. He was greeted with equal parts enthusiasm and skepticism – wonderful to see such a strong scholarly voice in the local community, but rumors did follow him as to the true nature of his departure: was it mystical, or a scandal?

He quickly charmed Councilor Ariadne, however, with his intelligence and capable administrative ability – something she found severely lacking in many of her counterparts, who deal better with books than people. And so he found himself for a time in the somewhat unusual position of being Provost, one of the top Consilium positions in the city, while still only being a third-degree member of the local Mysterium.

That since has changed. He betrayed Ariadne in August of 2012 by backing Mnemosyne’s play for a tournament to determine the new Hierarch, and – as though that were not enough – the Consul did not win, and is now dead. He no longer holds any position on the Consilium, but remains a middle manager of the local Athenaeum, at least for now.

Erlang Shen

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