Member of Trikephalos - currently missing in action.


Raised in a rather affluent home, the daughter of a Congressman from upstate New York, Flare was given all the best as a child and a young woman, and eventually sent off to a well-respected prep school.

It was there, she began seeing and hearing ghosts and other such presences. One in particular seemed to delight in tormenting the girl until she was all but convinced she had lost her mind. As this reached its peak, it triggered her Awakening; the experience left her so awed and confused with her mundane life, that she ran away from the school to New York, and disappeared into the drug/rave underground, in a vain attempt to recapture that moment of nirvana and understanding. During this period, she supported her more expensive habits by making something of a name for herself as a driver in street racing.

Eventually, she got picked out by the Guardians of the Veil, and given many of the answers she had been searching for so futilely in the drug culture. Eventually she joined the Guardians, and set about helping to run the Labyrinth amongst the rave crowd.

She joined the Pentacle Cabal Trikephalos in August of 2012, supporting them in their work against the Seers of the Veil, along with all other comers.

She was separated from the others during the Night of Black Rain October 31, 2012, possessed by the ghost of a vampiric monster on the borders of Asphodel. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


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