Giselle Pierpont

Apostate and enemy of the Seers of the Throne


The cabal met Dr. Pierpont while she was working as curator of the New York Metropolitan Art Museum.

She was once a member of the Seers of the Throne, but has made herself their enemy since leaving them under unknown circumstances, and now mostly desires to be left alone.

She worked with Trikephalos in spite of her better judgment throughout the summer of 2012, until her capture by an Abyssal doppelganger of Artemis led to her being handed off to the Hegemonic Ministry (of which she had once been a member).

The cabal saved her from torture and execution at their hands, but she left town shortly thereafter for Chicago. She hasn’t been heard from since — and that’s just how she wanted it.

Giselle Pierpont

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