Hierarch of the New York City Pentacle


In his early 50s, Kaa’s only about 5’6", but very broad shouldered and muscular.

He dresses like a bit of a yuppie.


Kaa’s been part of New York City’s Pentacle since his Awakening back in 1992. He was recruited by the Adamantine Arrow early, and joined a cabal called Watchmen – a group of Arrows who worked as Sentinels for the Consilium. Kaa showed promise in his work with them, and it seemed clear to everyone that he would inevitably be named a Sentinel himself given a chance to prove himself.

That chance came in 1993 with the events of Bloody Saturday, when a group of Scelesti intentionally courting the Abyss caused the worst Abyssal Incursion in living memory. The 14 hours of fighting were bloody, and many Pentacle mages did indeed prove themselves that day.

Kaa, unfortunately, was not one of them. Pushing things to the limit early in the fighting, he unintentionally released a paradox maelstrom himself, succeeding not only in worsening the situation, but in ruining his reputation right in front of several ranking members of the Consilium.

Over time, with his prospects of ever becoming a Sentinel essentially nil, he drifted apart from his cabal, and made a move to redefine himself. He would ultimately found his own cabal, named Watchtower, and there resolved to mentor young mages too experienced to be directly tutored by the Orders but too young to fully understand the gravity – and risks – of their work. More than a dozen mages have “graduated” from the program in years since, and gone on to become successful members of cabals throughout the city.

He was elected hierarch by a vote of the College of Hearthmasters November 6, 2012, deposing the Scrivener.


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