Consilium Councilor, Adamant Sage of the New York Adamantine Order


Khan has been part of the Adamantine Arrow since his awakening in Chicago in the mid-1970s. Rather than settling down as part of the court there, however, he spent many years traveling as an agent of the order with his cabal to fight the Seers and hone himself in the crucible of conflict, as it were.

He settled in New York City in the early 90s, and eventually took on a leadership role within the order, having as he does a keen tactical sense. Liyongo’s ascension, however, never sat well with him, as he had personal animosity with the Free Council going back to his origins in Chicago.

Nevertheless, he had an illustrious career within the Arrow even under Liyongo’s leadership, only quietly expressing his disdain, and built up for himself something of a base of support over the years. He also built up from nothing Citadel Security, a sleeper security firm that is one of the largest in New York City, and supposedly maintains a number of sleepwalkers as hired muscle, should the need ever arise for more guns.

He ascended to his current position both on the council and as Adamant Sage in August of 2012 following the ascension of the Scrivener. He retained his positions following the November 6, 2012 election of Kaa to the Hierarchy, the only member of the Scrivener’s council to do so.


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