Somewhere in his 30s, Lasombra dresses like a member of a rock band and talks like a PTA member.


Lasombra originally Awakened in Miami back in the late 90s. He was approached – and then harassed – by a group of Scelesti mages who are in control of that territory, and would likely have been impressed into their service had he not been saved by his mentor, a mage from New York City who took him out of that life.

He joined the man’s cabal, The Pact, and left his old life behind— wasn’t too hard, the Scelesti had pretty well ruined it. In the years since, he became a trusted member of the Free Council in New York City, noted for his moderate tone, and in the past year became leader of The Pact following his mentor’s death by natural causes.

Seems pretty interested in Rhiannon.


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