Former Adamant Sage of the NYC Adamantine Arrow, and former Councilor of the NYC Consilium


Liyongo has been a fixture in New York City’s magical circles since his awakening in the late 70s. However, it was not always as an Adamantine Arrow. Liyongo actually started out in the Free Council, finding the call for further equality one that resonated with him from his days as a political activist when he was a sleeper.

It was a call, however, that he eventually set aside during what would come to be remembered as the Christmas 1993 Bloody Saturday. What is known is that a mad cabal of Scelestis intentionally courted paradox to the point of inviting in one of the largest abyssal intruders that New York City had ever seen. The fighting lasted fully 14 hours and resulted in many deaths, before the original summoner was pinpointed and killed, ending the terror.

Liyongo was one of the first on scene, and fought alongside Arrow mages throughout the fighting. It was thanks in part to his essential heroics that the summoner was found and killed, and afterwards, he cast aside Free Council membership and joined the Adamantine Arrow officially.

He overcame any suspicions there in rapid order, and by 2000 stepped into a role as Adamant Sage of the NYC order, and took his place as Councilor on the NYC Consilium. There he remained until August of 2012, when a tournament to determine a new hierarch ended with notorious former sentinel The Scrivener taking the top seat. Liyongo found himself, almost immediately upon being thrust out of the council, victim of a hostile takeover from within his own order, as more hawkish elements that had never much cared for him or his origins sprang as though from nowhere to take advantage of his sudden weakness. He lost his position, and he and his wife have since gone into hiding.



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