Luciano Maisto

The Giovanni family's new "boss of bosses" living in NYC


Luciano has a wicked reputation as an enforcer among the Giovanni family. He got his start in the L.A. families, then caught the attention of the old and powerful members of the Rome families, and finally, in 2007, winded his way on their instructions to New York City to serve as number two man for Amadeo’s operations.

In June of 2012, conspired with Alastor to have Amadeo assassinated. The operation went off successfully, and after the dust settled, Luciano was named Don of the New York family.

In December of 2012, following family founder Augustus Giovanni’s death at the hands of Trikephalos, Luciano made an apparent powerplay and was named the head of the family— an almost incomprehensible achievement for a family cousin who doesn’t even bear the name.

Currently engaged in a war against the New York City Pentacle, and wielding powers that are not well understood.


Luciano Maisto

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