Censor and Fifth-Tier Member of the NYC Mysterium


Minos is one of the rare solitaires that nonetheless works very actively in his order. He originally Awakened in Northern Alabama in the late 1970s, but worked his way north, first to Illinois, where he graduated from the University of Chicago, and then to New York, where he completed his doctorate thesis in the field of Classics.

Eschewing cabals almost from the beginning, Minos has placed his focus purely on research and the furthering of knowledge. While he has not in many years gone out on expedition himself, he is an invaluable resource in the decoding of dead languages, and in contextualizing discoveries others make.

He was named a Censor – a protector of the knowledge of the order – along with his ascension to the Fifth Tier of membership in the late 1990s. He is a fixture at the Main Branch Library.

Betrayed the New York Athenaeum to Agamemnon in exchange for rare magical texts and the protection of his fellow Mystagogues. He remains in his position.


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