Member of the Guardians of the Veil


What does Moxie do for the Guardians? None of your goddamn business.

What did Moxie do for the Consilium? If you didn’t schedule an appointment? Same damn answer, buddy.

Moxie is an older woman with an offbeat sensibility and a pretty hard-nosed attitude. She doesn’t care much about the trappings of power or the style that ought come with it – she’s frank, in your face, and wears whatever the hell she wants.

Hermes, who is not this way at all, loves having her around to throw people seeking to do business with him off their guard. She is extremely competent at this job, and even better at behind-the-scenes administration.

She lost her job along with Hermes in August of 2012, following the ascension of the Scrivener.


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