Magister of the Phoenix Silver Ladder


Padre awakened sometime in the 1970s, but only came to Phoenix later in life to try to lead the city away from a long and grim history as Angeli-influenced Powerbrokers to his own Christian-tinged form of Theurgy. It was under Padre’s leadership that Phoenix ultimately broke ties with the Angeli Consilium-dominated Mojave Caucus in 1999, and they have flourished as an independent caucus ever since.

Noted by some as the “friendliest Mastigos in North America,” some of his rivals have mistaken his compassion for a weakness over the years. The clever and wary are quick to note that most of these rivals find their careers going up in flames within a year of crossing Padre, however, and his leadership over the Phoenix Silver Ladder has gone unchallenged for more than a decade.



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