Reis Baines

Silver Ladder Adept


A middle-aged man who served the Mensarius for many years, Reis was his Provost in the Consilium Council for nearly six years.

In that role, he was everything that the Mensarius was not: hands-off in his leadership style, overtly kind – he’s quick to see the good in people, and argue it to those who’ll listen – and someone that those who deal in the halls of power feel they can confide in about matters too sensitive – or too unpleasant – to broach with the Mensarius directly.

This is what made them such a good team, in the end, because while the two men differ in temperament, they see almost precisely eye to eye on policy, and no matter how kind a word Reis is willing to put in, he almost always comes to the same conclusion on how a problem ought be dealt with.

He has been missing since the day the Mensarius died, though he was present through the end of the tournament on the astral plane, making it even more uncertain what might have happened to him.

Was discovered to have been shot the day after the tournament in a fight underneath the Brooklyn Bridge by Alastor. Later revelations suggest that Reis had fallen into the debt of local Scelesti forces.

Reis Baines

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