Provost to Councilor Adonis, Free Council Adept


A 19-year-old Free Council member, and cabalmate of Mnemosyne.

Currently a student at NYU, where he double majors in Philosophy and Psychology. Rubrum is extremely liberal, even among the historically liberal Libertines, and is happy to argue his points at great, great length. He is, however, intensely loyal to Mnemosyne, and she appears to be the only one he’s willing to make compromises for.

He also really loves sports. A lot.

Following Mnemosyne’s death, he and the rest of his cabal went into hiding after an alleged assassination attempt against then-hierarch The Scrivener. His family was killed in a counterattack some months later, but Rubrum survived, and has become something of a face for the most radical elements of the Libertine movement.

Was named Adonis’s Provost following the November 2012 elections.


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