A community networking resource, for mages and by mages.


Oraclenet, in game, can be used to offer a +3 to any occult or academics research check, with the drawback that the subject of your research will become somewhat public knowledge in the New York mage community.

It can also be used as a source of Free Council-style rotes, approved at ST discretion.


First opened in August 2011, Oraclenet’s premise was simple: a place for Free Council mages to trade information and network in what is a widely-dispersed New York community.

What was not expected, however, was how quickly the concept caught fire, even among non-Libertines – who the Oracle (the Cabal that created Oraclenet) decided to welcome with open arms.

Today, Oraclenet works as a strange extension of libertine authority in a city that does not officially recognize them as a true part of the Pentacle. Most young mages in particular are members there, and Free Council rotes have cropped up and established a kind of dominance even in the most adamantly opposed schools of thinking among the Guardians or the Silver Ladder.

Flame wars are strictly disallowed.

Oraclenet is located online (IC) at


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