The Abedju Cipher

A powerful scrying artifact from ancient Egypt


The Abedju Cipher (Artifact •••••)
Durability 5, Size 1, Structure 5
Mana Capacity: maximum 11
This golden bracelet has three inlaid gems (ruby, diamond and lapis) set in a triangular pattern and is ornately etched with designs that appear, at first glance, to be tiny rows of hieroglyphics. When examined more closely, the glyphs are actually written in a far older script, indecipherable to all but a few learned Seers (and even fewer venerable Pentacle mages). The true provenance of the bracelet is now lost to the inexorable passage of history.

Whoever wears the bracelet on his arm can see through anti-scrying wards as though they were not present. There is no roll required.

In addition, the wearer gains the benefits of the Death 1 “Speak with the Dead” spell, allowing him to see, hear and speak with ghosts within Twilight. The bearer of the Cipher does not have to use Spirit 1 to hear spirits within Twilight, and does not need to add Mind 1 in order to perceive mental projections. He can see, hear and speak with them as he can with ghosts. The Cipher doesn’t provide any ability to speak any language the wearer doesn’t know, however.


Somewhere around 3100 BCE, early during the First Dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, an ancient cabal of magicians gathered in secret at the sun temple located in the Egyptian city of Abedju, better known by its Greek name, Abydos. At the sun temple, the mages gathered their collective powers and created (or, as some rumors suggest, unearthed) two artifacts of great power, known thereafter as the Eye of Horus and the Abedju Cipher. The cabal arranged to have the artifacts added to the regalia of the first recognized pharaoh, Narmer. As part of that trove of riches, the artifacts were entombed with Narmer after he died.

The Cipher somehow found its way out of the tomb and back into the next pharaoh’s regalia, and was subsequently entombed and recovered with each following pharaoh of the first several dynasties.

As the dynasties came and went, as invading armies dismantled ancient Egypt, and as the members of the ancient cabal died off or had their memories altered — or in some cases, erased — the Cipher gradually disappeared into the forgotten recesses of time. It popped up now and again in the possession of one mage or another and has changed ownership any number of times over the millennia. The Cipher was very recently hidden among a number of Egyptian artifacts on tour around the United States, sought after by many Awakened factions and individuals.

The Abedju Cipher

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