Alastor (Adrian Giovanni)


Improvised casting rolls
Mind: 9 dice (Mind 5 + Gnosis 4)
Space: 7 dice (Space 3 + Gnosis 4) – allows sympathetic casting
Time: 7 dice (Time 3 + Gnosis 4) – allows delayed casting
Death: 6 dice (Death 2 + Gnosis 4) costs 1 mana

Legacy: House of Ariadne – Tracker
1st Attainment: Attune. Spend six hours walking the thread and attuning to a city. Then, you can feel the city’s history; as Postcognition, but also makes symbolism and the resonance the city applies to things obvious to you.
- +1 to Social Attribute rolls in a familiar (attuned) city; -1 to Social Attribute rolls in rural areas
- Can gain mana via oblations without a Hallow, somewhere appropriate to the Legacy, once per day
- New ruling arcanum: Time
- Example new oblations: walk in the city to find something new; exploring subway tunnels; watching sunrise or sunset from a penthouse apartment; visiting museums/tourist attractions; attending a party with a “list”; serving food at a homeless shelter; sleeping on a park bench; etc.


Mind 5 (Master)
Sense Consciousness; Know Thyself; Read Trends
One Mind, Two Thoughts
Aura Perception; Third Eye; Opening the Lidless Eye
Beast Control; Emotional Urging; First Impressions; Voice from Afar; Control Waking; Inspire; Moment of Doubt; Willful Process; Aura Cloak; Greater Beast Control; Diplomat’s Protection; Goetic Struggle
Alter Aura; Incognito Presence; Memory Hole
Mental Shield; Misperception; Mental Wall
Augment the Mind; Augment Other Minds; Supreme Augmentation
Imposter; Multi-Tasking; Sleep of the Just; Telepathy; Universal Language; Enforce Paradigm; False Fame; Transfer Will; Passion Link; Telepathic Eavesdropping; Summon Morphean; Summon Esoteric; Seal Oneiros; Preserve Astral Space; Love Spell
Psychic Assault; Eternal Now; Disrupt Concentration
Befuddle [subtract target’s Composure; sensory/instant; each success lowers a Mental/Social Attribute, max -5, to a min of 1]; Psychic Sword; Severed Sense
Breach the Vault of Memory; Dream Traveler; Hallucination; Read the Depths; Psychic Projection; Telepathic Control; Dream Bridge; Opening the Dream Space; Summon Astral Archetype
(Astral Imprisonment; Casual Brutality; Dream Network; Network; Nightmare Journey; Possession; Psychic Dominion; Psychic Genesis; Psychic Reprogramming; Shadow Projection; Sin Eating; Temenos Sanctuary; Twilight Temple)

Space 3 (Disciple)
Knowing: Correspondence; Finder
Unveiling: Omnivision; Spatial Awareness [Mage Sight, sense disturbances in spatial fabric]; Spatial Map [reduce penalties to ranged attacks by 1 per success, ignore blindness penalties]; Angle Vision; Bestow Spatial Awareness
Ruling: Apportation [corpses w/ Death]; Follow Through; Scrying; Ward [wards 5 sq. yds. vs. Space magic/sympathetic casting, successes add to Potency, add Target factors to increase area]; Astral Beacon; Accordion
Veiling: Conceal Sympathy
Shielding: Untouchable; Avoidance Tactics; Interpose
Weaving: Ban [ghosts/undead/vampires w/ Death]; New Threads; Portal; Ranged Blow; Maintained Sympathy [bring objects from material to astral]; Blink Step
Fraying: Destroy the Threads; Multispatial Perception

Time 3 (Disciple)
Knowing: Momentary Flux (judge whether event currently ongoing or five turns before/after will be beneficial or harmful to you); Perfect Timing; Time’s Mark (ghosts/vampires/corpses); Flip of the Coin (auto-succeed/fail at uncontested action w/ only 2 possible outcomes & immediate consequences); Glimpsing the Future (roll twice for single instant action in following turn, take better result)
Unveiling: Temporal Eddies (Mage Sight); Temporal Wrinkles (sense & examine temporal disturbances); Augury (get answer to simple question re: target’s future, use temporal sympathy; once per 24 hrs per target); Postcognition (objectively review past of current location, your past or past of an object, w/ Space 2 can do it for any location; declare time/place, use temporal sympathy; each success views 1 turn in that time/place, can ff/rew); Temporal Flow (give supernatural Mage Sight); Divination (as Augury but get followup questions)
Veiling: Shield of Chronos (become invisible to prophecy/divination/other temporal scrying unless they overcome Potency; can spend a mana to make it last a day)
Shielding: Temporal Dodge; Temporal Shift
Perfecting: Acceleration
Weaving: Shifting Sands (rewind time 1 turn); Prophetic Dream

Death 2 (Apprentice)
Knowing: Forensic Gaze; Soul Marks; Corpse Unmasking
Compelling: Ectoplasmic Shaping; Shadow Sculpting
Unveiling: Grim Sight [Mage Sight, sense weight of death around person, +1 vs. vampiric Disciplines, Devotions and rituals]; Speak with the Dead; Grant the Grim Sight
Ruling: Animate Shadows; Decay; Ectoplasm; Ghost Summons; Soul Jar; Touch of the Grave; Lighten Anchor; Final Sight
Veiling: Corpse Mask; Suppress Aura
Shielding: Entropic Guard

Counterspell (Shielding)

Physical: Strength 3, Dex 3, Stamina 3
Social: Presence 2, Manip 3, Composure 3
Mental: Int 2, Wits 2, Resolve 4

Physical (-1 unskilled): Athletics 1, Brawl 4, Drive 0, Firearms 4 (Handguns +1), Larceny 2, Stealth 2 (In Shadows + 1), Survival 0, Weaponry 0
Social (-1 unskilled; +1 in attuned cities, -1 in rural areas): Animal Ken 0, Empathy 0, *Expression 0, Intimidation 2, *Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 3 (Gangs +1), *Subterfuge 2
Mental (-3 unskilled): Academics 1, Computer 0, Crafts 0, Investigation 1, Medicine 0, Occult 2 (Vampires +1), *Politics 2 (Criminal Organizations +1), Science 0

  • = rote specialty skills, Silver Ladder
    [italics] = Professional Training Asset Skills, 9-again

Defense: 5 (Dex + Wits); 7 if you take -1 to rolls that turn
Armor: 3/5 w/ riot gear (Def -2, Speed -1) + 2 w/ Ring of the Unvoiced Herald
Health: 8 (Stam + 5)
Initiative: +6 (Dex + Composure) (penalty depending on weapon)
Speed: 11 (Str + Dex + 5)
Willpower: 6 (Resolve + Composure, minus 1 for soulstone)
Wisdom: 5
Mana: 13/13 (can spend 4 per turn)
Max active spells: 6 (Gnosis 3 + 3)
Gnosis: 4 (Paradox starts at 2 dice, 1 hour per roll for Extended Casting)

_Order Status 3 (Silver Ladder)
Resources 2
Destiny 4 (8 destiny dice; bane: things that go up without his effort)
High Speech (free)
Allies 1 (US Silver Ladder)
Allies 1 (Criminals) (Manip + Persuasion + Allies if request is questionable or need details; allies can ask for favors too)
Allies 1 (Guardians of the Veil) (free; granted by plot)
Occultation 1 (-1 to analyze your aura/resonance, to sympathetic spells vs. you, & to attempts to gather info on you w/ mundane sources)
Professional Training 4 (Hitman; Asset Skills: Firearms, Stealth, Intimidation) (Contacts 2; 9-again on Asset Skills; whenever you buy a dot in an Asset Skill, take a Beat)
Daimon (consult your daimon for insight and clues cloaked in allegory and metaphor; takes one turn of meditative concentration, ST rolls your Wits + Composure in secret; daimon’s insight only ever gives one clue)
Street Fighting 3 (Duck and Weave: take -1 penalty to die rolls this turn for +2 Defense; Knocking the Wind Out: when you make a successful unarmed attack, opponent takes -1 to next roll; Kick ‘Em While They’re Down: if successes on unarmed attack > opponent’s Stam, you may apply Knocked Down Tilt; if you’re close enough when someone tries to rise from prone, you may reflexively cause 2B dmg)

Aura of Gloom [6 dice] (Wits + Occult + Death) – Grim Sight, Death 1
- gesture: closing the eyes and bowing the head, as though in prayer over a corpse
Light’s Nemesis [8 dice] (Wits + Occult + Death) – Animate Shadows, Death 2 1 less Paradox die
- gesture: lifting both hands out from the sides, as though pulling shadows up from the ground
A Face You Can Trust [8 dice] (Presence + Socialize + Mind) – First Impressions, Mind 2
- gesture: briefly fold hands behind the back, as in a formal social stance of greeting
Ballistic Targeting [7 dice] (Intelligence + Occult + Space) – Spatial Map, Space 1
- gesture: surveying all that is in sight, then squinting to focus toward target
Psyche’s Dart [11 dice] (Resolve + Intimidation + Mind – target’s Resolve) – Psychic Assault/Sword, Mind 3
- gesture: place hand over heart, passing through the anahata chakra
Psychic Communion [10 dice] (Wits + Subterfuge + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis) – Telepathy, Mind 3
- gesture: place hand to chin, passing through the vishuddha chakra
Acquired Genius [10 dice] (Resolve + Academics + Mind) – Supreme Augmentation, Mind 4
- gesture: ?

Unarmed: 7 dice – Def; + 0B (+0L w/ knuckles)
- On successful unarmed attack, opponent takes -1 to next roll
- If successes > opponent’s Stam, you may apply Knocked Down Tilt
- If you’re nearby when opponent rises from prone, you may deal 2B dmg
S&W pistol: 8 dice (9-again); +1L; holds 12 shots
Colt pistol: 8 dice (9-again); +2L; holds 7 shots; suppressor; Init -2
Dragunov sniper rifle: 7 dice (9-again); +3L; holds 10 shots; Init -5
Winchester shotgun: 7 dice (9-again); +3L; holds 6 shots; Init -4
Browning machine gun: 7 dice (9-again); +3L armor piercing 2; holds 20 shots (Str 3/4/5); Init -3
Crossbow: 7 dice (9-again); +2L armor piercing 2; holds 1 shot, takes 3 turns to reload; Init -5
Trench knife: 3 dice; +0L – Def

Lockpicks (+ 2 tool bonus)
.40 Smith & Wesson pistol (Dmg 1/9-again, ranges 25/50/100, capacity 12+ 1, Str 2, Size 1/S, cost 2)
Colt M1911A1 pistol (Dmg 2, ranges 30/60/120, capacity 7+ 1, Str 2, Size 1/S, cost 2)
Suppressor for Colt
Long black coat (counts as thick clothing, armor 1/0)
Baseball signed by Roger Clemens, foul ball caught at Yankee Stadium
Several decks of playing cards
Winchester shotgun (Dmg 3/9-again, ranges 20/40/80, capacity 6+ 1, Str 3, Size 3, cost 2) (at home)
Crossbow (traded from Nidhogg) (Dmg 3, armor piercing 2, ranges 40/80/160, capacity 1, Str 2, Size 3, cost 3)
Misc. FBI gear (armor, weapons, etc.)
Browning M1918 BAR machine gun (Dmg 3/9-again, armor piercing 2, ranges 200/400/800, capacity 20+ 1, Str 3/4/5, Size 3, cost 5)
Scoped Dragunov sniper rifle (looted from Odoya’s sniper at the bank) (Dmg 3/9-again, ranges 250/500/1000, capacity 10+ 1, Str 2, Size 3, cost 4)
Dionysian Key (4-gallon stonework jar of wine; can be refilled with tass; 2 gallons currently)
Arcadian Blade (long goblin blade, potentially with fate powers – given to Artemis)
Mastigos mystery artifact (“Iron Gauntlet” rod, missing something egg-sized; found in Reis’ car)
Full set of golf clubs and a golfing visor (gift from Hermes)

Magical tools:
Brass trench knife/knuckles with skull carved hilt (dmg 0L/B, size 1/S, durability 3) (
Giovanni family ring

Current Beats: 0
Current Arcane Beats: 0

Current Experiences: 0
Current Arcane Experiences: 0

Earned Beats: 4 (session 17); 2 (session 18); 2 arcane (session 18); 7 (session 19); 2 arcane (session 19) | End of Story 4 | 4 (sessions 20 & 21); 4 arcane (sessions 20 & 21); 1 (session 21 downtime); 1 (session 22); 5 (session 23 + downtime); 2 arcane (session 23 + downtime); 10 (session 25 w/ end of arc bonus) | *End of Story 5 |

[Earned XP: 10 (starting with Wisdom 5); 3 (prologues); 2 arcane (prologue goetic summoning, etc.); 3 (session 1); 1 arcane (demon summoning); 1 arcane (tarot reading); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 1); 4 (session 2); 1 arcane (session 2); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 2); 5 (session 3); 1 arcane (session 3); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 3); 5 (session 4); 2 arcane (session 4); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 4); 1 arcane (post-session 4 downtimes); 5 (session 5); 3 arcane (session 5); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 5) | End of Story 1 | 3 (session 6); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 6); 4 (session 7); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 7); 3 (session 8); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 8); 3 (session 9); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 9); 4 (session 10); 2 arcane (session 10); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 10); 5 (session 11); 3 arcane (session 11); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 11) | End of Story 2| 3 (session 12); 1 arcane (session 12); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 12); 4 (session 13); 1 arcane (session 13); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 13); 3 (session 14); 1 arcane (legacy downtimes); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 14); 12 (session 15); 5 arcane (session 15); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 15) | End of Story 3| 3 (session 16); 1 arcane (session 16); 1 (bonus Adventure Log 16)]

Experience expenditures
Subterfuge 2 [2exp]
Space 2 [3exp]
Sleepwalker Retainer 2 (later switched to Destiny 3 & 4) [2exp]
Psychic Assault rote [1exp]
Telepathy rote [1exp]
Daimon [3exp]
Space 3 [3exp]
Time 1 [4exp]
Time 2 [3exp]
Mind 4 [3exp]
Academics 1 [2exp]
Stamina 3 [4exp]
Street Fighting 3 [3exp]
Politics 2 [2exp]
Time 3 [3exp]
Resolve 4 [4exp]
Mind 5 [3exp]
Firearms 4 [2exp]
Brawl 4 [2exp]
Supreme Augmentation rote [1exp]
Manipulation 3 [4exp]
Persuasion 2 [2exp]
Allies 1 (US Silver Ladder) [1exp]


“This world is full of darkness, there’s no getting around that. So I’ll take as much of it into myself as I can, so they don’t have to.”

“I’ve caused a lotta death. Only fair that I stare into it with eyes open, get to know it, maybe buy it a drink.”

Age: 22 (actually 24)
Birthday: November 7, 1989
Concept: Principled Mafia Hitman of the NYC Giovanni family
Virtue: Just – Gain WP when your refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts you in danger
Vice: Violent – Gain WP when you resolve a scene with needless violence

Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Mentor: Hermes, Epopt of the NYC Guardians of the Veil and Weaver in the House of Ariadne
(previously The Librarian, keeper of the Library of Ebullient Contemplation)
(previously The Mensarius, NYC Silver Ladder deacon & Consilium Councilor)

Aspirations: Redeem someone without killing them; Recover memory of what happened in the Prince’s universe; make a new ally/connection at the Convocation.
Obsessions: Exploring the astral; Going deeper into the House of Ariadne; Discovering/fulfilling his destiny.
Breaking points:
- Murdering an innocent person (worst thing he has done)
- Deliberately betraying someone he feels responsible for protecting (worst thing he can imagine doing)
- Losing his connection to the Supernal (worst thing he can see someone else doing [to him], like one of the examples)
- Witnessing soul theft (something that scares him about magic)
- Permanently taking away someone’s free will (what might he do to achieve his goals)
- Watching someone he cares about succumb to darkness

Nimbus: harsh, taunting or tantalizing whispers that seem to say one’s name lurk behind his voice when he speaks, and (with more powerful magic) faint screams or sobs of pain are audible which onlookers feel they themselves caused, as in a terrible nightmare; while Alastor himself appears to be cloaked in darkness, only his eyes glowing in demonic fashion.

Alastor (Adrian Giovanni)

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