Lisa Kay

Young Silver Ladder Initiate, Apprenticed to Alastor


Only 9 years old, when Lisa Kay Awakened in November 2012 in lower Manhattan she was the youngest person to do so in the history of the New York Pentacle. Found and recruited early by the Silver Ladder – with no small amount of pride at the prestige of such a find – she was immediately passed to the Ladder’s best and brightest for training.

A few weeks later, she was passed to another mentor, and then another, and another, as the pride of the Thearchs turned to frustration at the realities of attempting to control a 9 year old mage with Fate on her side.

Now with a number of minor Lex Arcana violations under her belt, her training and care have finally been passed over to the Ladder’s own problem-solver Alastor as a last resort.

Lisa Kay

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