Now in her 40s, Nagi Awakened in Manchester, England sometime in the early 1990s. She was recruited almost immediately by the Mysterium, where her casual attitude towards most everything – including life-or-death situations – made her a natural fit to become an acquisitor for the local athenaeum.

In this, her experience is hardly unique. What makes Nagi’s story unusual is its preamble: prior to her Awakening, Nagi was a Sleepwalker, and – nominally – part of a coven of Awakened Witches calling themselves the Sodality of Tor. Sleepwalkers are typically people who failed to find their own watchtowers, consciously or otherwise— for one to actually awaken is exceedingly rare.

As it stands, however, Nagi’s induction took less time than it did for many others. She had already done work for the Mysterium in the past as a porter and assistant, and so her awakening largely represented a promotion in both of her organizations. It also presented her with a natural aptitude and understanding for the arcana – from, in her opinion, having seen them from ‘both ends’ – and she advanced quickly as a mage.

In 2002, while on an assignment in greater China, she uncovered a particularly dangerous and terrifying abyssal artifact, and ran across a team of censors from Shanghai led by their then-curator, Erlang Shen. Shen convinced Nagi, over the course of something of an adventure in unintended consequences, to not only let the censors secret the relic, but to join his team outright and come to Shanghai. The two became fast friends, and remained so even after Shen left Shanghai— though she would remain there.

She still retains ties to her “family” in Manchester, and is an active practitioner of their legacy.


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