The Mensarius

Former NYC Silver Ladder Deacon and NYC Consilium Councilor


The Mensarius was the Deacon of the New York City branch of the Silver Ladder from shortly after he first arrived in the city back in 1984 until his death of August in 2012. The story goes that the old Deacon – a fairly laissez faire ascendant with his head in the clouds and a cocaine addiction – did not go quietly, and so it was for the Mensarius himself. He was murdered, shot in the head within one of his sanctums at the very hour of a tournament to become hierarch of the city.

In life, he had a reputation both as ruthless and wildly effective. He was widely viewed as responsible for the recent heating up of the conflict between the Atlantean Orders and the Seers of the Throne in NYC, and – at least officially – the Seers are credited with his murder for that very reason.

The Mensarius

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