The Priest

A Seer of the Throne in the service of the Ministry of Paternoster


It is difficult to get a read on just what the Priest is passionate about — not that he is simply aloof, but that the question would appear to have different answers from moment to moment. He is a man of many faces, moods, and emotions, most of which do not immediately appear to line up.

Apparently loyal to the Seers of the Throne and the Ministry of Paternoster, it is believed that the Priest once was a member of the Pentacle— the Guardians of the Veil, specifically. Just where he served, or why he left, are secrets he’s in no hurry to reveal.

He was apprehended by the NYC Guardians of the Veil in August of 2012, but has since gone missing in the fallout of revelations about the Legion pandemic.

The Priest

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