The Scrivener

Leader of the Sentinels. Ex-Hierarch of the New York City Pentacle, Formerly Disgraced Mystagogue, and New York ne'er do well.


At one time, The Scrivener was a feared name among the wicked and the unwise in the New York Consilium. As head of the sentinels, he brooked no nonsense, and his eyes were everywhere.

Then, in early 2004, that career came to a crashing halt when it came out that he spent his free time kidnapping and sometimes killing sleeper women, and used his own magic to cover up his crimes. The scandal that broke cost him everything – his sentinel status was stripped, he was publicly censured by the consilium with all of his holdings and belongings seized, and he was essentially thrown into the street, only nominally permitted even to remain a member of his order, the Mysterium (and banned from their atheneaum, even still).

Most hoped he would simply slink out of town and become someone else’s problem.

But he didn’t. He stayed, began making associations with just the sort of people he used to police, and rebuilt his holdings from nothing. He maintained his own shadow court, of sorts, in the worst parts of the city, and only barely kept himself out of trouble.

It became clear by August of 2012 that he had in fact been doing more than simply getting by, and was in fact plotting his return and his revenge on those who had disgraced him. He won a tournament to become Hierarch essentially from left field, showing massive support there, and killed multiple other mages he faced in combat along the way. He has begun what is widely believed will be a purge of his political opponents since taking office— the entire consilium council has been replaced, and more changes seem likely to come.

He lost his seat in a vote of the College of Hearthmasters November 6, 2012, and much to many’s surprise, has decided to remain on with the New York Consilium as leader of the Sentinels.


The Scrivener

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