A member of the Seers of the Throne.


Vates is a Mastigos, and apparently a member of the Seers of the Throne and the Ministry of Panopticon. Information about his background places him as an assassin and a spy for his masters, and one who has operated all over North America.

The title he claims for himself is “Knight” – a seeker of the remains of the Celestial Ladder that once lead to the supernal realms. His destiny seems consciously entangled with Alastor’s somehow, and it is a link that he seems keen on strengthening at every opportunity.

He is known to have kidnapped both the Boston Hierarch Romulus and Rhiannon’s mentor Mainyu, though he no longer has hold on either.

In late 2012, Trikephalos discovered that he had gone AWOL from the Seers searching for an archmaster to undo what he believed was Alastor’s “mistake” the night of the storm, allowing Asphodel and the Road to slip back beyond his grasp. He traveled with the cabal to the Prince of 100,000 Leaves’ timeline, and may have made it back out as well, but his current whereabouts remain unknown.



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