At just 30 years old in January of 2013, Venator was named Deacon of the Atlantic Combine Caucus and Magister of the New York City Silver Ladder. He is the youngest in the caucus’s history to attain either title by more than a decade, but firsts like this are nothing new to his career.

Venator Awakened on the path of the Obrimos in 2009, and rapidly established a reputation for himself as a magical prodigy. Stories of Ascension fascinated him, and he attacked magical training with a relish – to him, archmastery was not a far-off hypothetical, but a real and attainable goal along his ten year life plan.

He attained the rank of First Degree Master in 2011, along with the title of Lictor – for which he had originally been pitted in competition against Praelia for under then-deacon The Mensarius. Both ultimately impressed him enough to be named simultaneously, but neither has ever forgotten the rivalry since.

As a lictor, he established a reputation of absolute impartiality – his critics going further and naming him somewhat cold and cerebral in personality.


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