Campaign Timeline

Monday, 5/22/11 – Alastor (Adrian Giovanni) fails to kill the Mensarius.

Tuesday, 5/23/11 – Alastor escapes Don Amadeo Giovanni and Awakens.

Friday, 5/26/11 – The Mensarius takes Alastor as an apprentice.

Friday, 6/2/11 – Alastor meets Hermes, Mark Vandross and Nidhogg on a Pentacle Diamond tour.

Monday, 12/12/11 – Artemis climbs a mountain in the Pyrenees and Awakens.

Sunday, 2/12/12 – Rhiannon (Sarah Thompson) sneaks into Mainyu’s office and Awakens.

Friday, 6/22/12 – The Boston Pentacle is attacked and largely destroyed by an arcane bomb set by The Charlatan. Vates, Plutus and Mercury interrogate and then release Artemis. Artemis brings her report before the Council. Alastor makes a deal with Aleo. Alastor agrees to kill Amadeo for Luciano Maisto.

Saturday, 6/23/12 – Alastor and Artemis research vampires at the Athenaeum.

Monday, 6/25/12 – Alastor kills Amadeo, with Grimnir’s “help.” Artemis heals Alastor at the Athenaeum.

Thursday, 6/28/12 – Alastor negotiates with Mnemosyne and Rubrum on the Consilium’s behalf. Alastor attends a Yankees game with Rubrum.

Friday, 6/29/12 – The Council calls all NY Diamond mages together for a meeting at Gotham Hall regarding the war against the Seers of the Throne. The Mysterium hands the Eye of Horus off to Mnemosyne and the Free Council. The Consilium names Mnemosyne an official Free Council liaison to the Council, at Alastor’s suggestion. Alastor visits his Oneiros and meets his daimon.

Saturday, 6/30/12 – Alastor takes Nidhogg’s patrol upstate, engages in goetia and kills a Sleeper. Vates, Plutus and Mercury attack and capture Alastor. Vates tells Alastor about the Road and the Knights, and releases him. Alastor suppresses his memory of the conversation.

Sunday, 7/1/12 – The Mensarius promotes Alastor to Cohort and hands down an edict to form a cabal in order to hunt down Vates and his pylon. Alastor recruits Artemis for Trikephalos.

Monday, 7/2/12 – Alastor recruits Rhiannon for Trikephalos.

Saturday, 7/7/12 – Trikephalos attends a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Remmy Odoya and the Soldiers of the Lord attempt to steal the Abedju Cipher. Trikephalos saves the Cipher, the museum and Giselle Pierpont.

Sunday, 7/8/12 – Alastor and Artemis research Supernal summoning.

Monday, 7/9/12 – Alastor summons a demon from Pandemonium to hide the Abedju Cipher.

Campaign Timeline

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