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Powers of the World

Awakening changes everything in a person’s life. Old boundaries, old borders don’t matter – the eyes of the Mage are turned to the Supernal, to Ascension.

Or so it would be, in an ideal world.

While the Pentacle is ostensibly united in purpose around the globe, in reality individual consilii – governing councils of Awakened – are intensely local, and generally distrustful of what they term “foreigners.” And where the United States is one nation, the Pentacle hosts dozens.

American Pentacle Political Map

New York City

NYC Powers Minor and Major

The Pentacle
The Seers of the Throne
The Giovanni Families
The Freemasons

Other Lands, Other Places

The North American Pentacle

Albany Concordat
Angeli Consilium
Arrowsic Consilium
Atlanta Consilium
Boston Consilium
The Celestial Court of Chicago
Denver Consilium
Jacksonville Compact
Kansas Consilium
Las Vegas Consilium
The Lone Star State
Memphis Consilium
New Orleans Assembly
Ontario Consilium
The Pacific Compact
San Francisco Assembly
St Louis Consilium

Seers of the Throne

The Columbia Tetrarchy


Scelesti Enclave



The Story So Far

Act I – Disunity

Story I – Hieraconis, Hieraconis
1. The Cipher
2. The Tunnels
3. Lone Star
4. Revelation
5. Alluvion

Story II – The Hour is Later Than We Think

6. Pivoting
7. The Lord
8. Complications
9. Initiations
10. Dies Irae
11. Swerve

Story III – Nadirs

12. Mom
13. Blood and Wine
14. Deconstruction
15. Mirror of Unity

Act II – Hyperreality

Story IV – Hurricane

16. Black Rain
17. O Brilliant Star of Morning
18. Civic Virtue
19. Duplicity

Story V – Dreams and Nightmares

20. Found Footage
21. Whorlwind
22. Angel of Death
23. The Elect

Story VI – Vampires

24. SPQR
25. Never Fade Away

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